We have a full line of reliable & late model Ditch Witch Equipment available for rent.  

Our Traditional offerings include Walk-Behind Trenchers, Footings Trenchers, Mini-Skid Steers & Attachments, Mid-Size to Large Trenchers & Plows / Combos (Rubber Tire & Quad Tracks), Earth Saws from 24″ to 46″ Depth, and Track Trenchers.  

For your Trenchless needs, we can address them with HammerHead Moles & HDD Assist, Directional Drills*, and Mud Recyclers.

We also we have a full line of Vacuum Excavation units and Line Locators available for Rent. 

Call our Rental Department or your Salesman for further details, and to reserve your rental unit today!

HT220 Track Trencher (Minimum of 2 Week Rental)

RT120Q with HD-1046B Earth Saw Attachment 46″ Depth x 8″ Wide Cut

RT115 with HD-1046B Earth Saw Attachment 46″ Depth x 8″ Wide Cut

 RT95 with H1140 Earth Saw Attachment 39″ Depth x 8″ Wide Cut

RT115 with H910 trencher attachment 

RT80 with HD630D-6 Earth Saw Attachment 30″ Depth x 6″ Wide Cut

RT40 with H341 Earth Saw Attachment 24″ Depth x 4″ Wide Cut

RT120 with H1052 Trencher/Plow Combo Attachment and Reel Carrier

RT120Q with H910 Trencher Attachment

RT115Q with H910 Trencher Attachment (Combo Chain)

RT115 with H910 trencher attachment 

 RT100 or RT105 with M912 Dual Pivot Trencher Attachment

 RT80 with H810 Trencher Attachment (Combo Chain) 

RT115 with H910 trencher attachment

RT45 with H314 Sliding Offset Trencher 4′ Depth x 6″ Cut Combo Chain – Service Customers ONLY

 ST37X Ride on Footings Trencher (12″ wide cut)

Pedestrian Trenchers – Service Customers ONLY

Mini-Skid Steers & Various Attachments

Directional Drills – Qualified Customers Only (Monthly Minimum)

MR90 Mud Recycler

 FX50 800 Gallon Vacuum Systems with Boom

FX25/30 500 & 800 Gallon Vacuum Systems

Hammerhead Moles (with Hose & Oiler)

Subsite Utiliguard Line Locators & HDD Guidance Trackers

Rental Requirements:

  • Must have valid Driver’s License – No Exceptions
  • Rental Payment(s) – In Advance
  • Insurance – Lessee must furnish a Certificate of Property Insurance naming Witch Equipment Co., Inc. the loss Payee for purchase price of equipment rented and Certificate of Liability Insurance showing Witch Equipment Co. Inc. as Additional Insured and or Loss Damage Waiver paid on all leases.
  • Rental Contract- must be completed on every transaction with all pertinent data furnished prior to the release of the rental equipment.
  • All charges are for Time Out, Not Time Used. Rental day is for 24 hours and 8 hours run time on equipment.
  • Repairs and Maintenance- All repairs required due to abuse or negligence will be charged to the lessee upon return of the damaged rental equipment. Any abnormal clean-up cost will be the responsibility of the lessee.
  • Rates Do Not Include Delivery – Delivery is available for additional charge.
  • Not all items may be immediately available at all locations

We carry certified Ditch Witch parts, manufactured to the highest degree of quality for the highest degree of performance.
Genuine Ditch Witch Parts Service
Doing whatever it takes to get you back on the job as quickly as possible -- that's the difference between ordinary service and Genuine Ditch Witch Service.